Final Year Exams For Engineering, Technology In Third Week Of July

An official said that the 12-month examination of technical institutes of Uttar Pradesh will be conducted in the third week of July 2021 and the examination of other students in the last week of July.

These exams will be conducted online and the questions will be of target type, said Alok Kumar, secretary, technical and vocational education, Uttar Pradesh.

“The government has decided to conduct the remaining 12 months examination of all the students under the technical education department in the third week of July. Apart from the remaining 12 months, examinations will be held in the last week of July. It will be target type and online,” Mr Kumar said on social media.

Mr Kumar said that the universities will issue detailed guidelines regarding the examinations.

“Detailed guidelines will be issued by the universities under the broad framework given by the government,” Mr Kumar said in response to a query.

The Uttar Pradesh government, however, has decided not to conduct examinations for graduate students in non-professional programs other than these for the remaining 12 months.

UP Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma, who is also the Minister for Enhanced Education, said that in universities, where first-year examinations were not held in undergraduate programmes, students would be temporarily promoted to the second year.

Mainly on the basis of the second year examination in 2022, the marks for the first 12 months will be determined, the minister said.

Mr Sharma said that for the second year students, who have appeared in the examinations of the first 12 months in 2020, their marks may be determined on the basis of ratings in the first 12 months, and accordingly they are promoted to the third year. It is, Mr. Sharma said in a press release.

Exams will be conducted for third-year students, the minister said, but did not elaborate.

There will be no sensible examinations for postgraduate programs and marks will be awarded on the basis of main examination. The minister said that the oral examination (viva voce), if required, would be conducted online.

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