BALCO reducing carbon footprint through next-generation

BALCONAGAR KORBA: Bharat Aluminum Company (BALCO), India’s leading aluminum producer is a strong proponent of leveraging next generation expertise to make its manufacturing process sustainable and reduce carbon footprint.

BALCO has reduced its energy consumption in its ‘Potline 1’ smelter in Chhattisgarh to 12,862 KW/MT which is at par with international requirements.

Hence, this potline has one of the best efficiency in India and Gulf countries when it comes to specific energy consumption and thus has significantly reduced its carbon footprint. A smelter is a plant where aluminum is produced through a smelting method, which entails extracting it from its oxide, alumina.

A potline is an extended building, or classification of buildings, consisting of a collection of “pots” or giants. Electrolytic cell, through which aluminum is made. The company has achieved this benchmark by implementing an intelligent mix of high level expertise and indigenous improvements.

Speaking on BALCO’s carbon footprint reduction in its manufacturing curriculum, Abhijeet Pati, CEO and Director, BALCO, said, “We are dedicated to harnessing modern expertise and sustainable improvement in all our operational areas, and use of sources. consider. BALCO has been one of the many early adopters in India to explore the field of fine applied sciences for enhanced operational efficiencies.

These investments and efficiencies further strengthen the tradition of safety and productivity, which we have carefully promoted across the group.

We are fully aware of our duty towards building a strong and sustainable tomorrow and, subsequently, are actively exploring improvements that will help reduce the carbon footprint within the manufacturing process as quickly as possible. assist. We are creating a future ready group for a self-reliant India.”

The corporate has built upon good applied science and design modifications to its potline to reduce its particular energy consumption through the use of a graphitized pot with thermal modeling and various digital interventions. The company continuously innovates and continuously improves its smelting expertise.

BALCO’s specific energy consumption has been one of the lowest among aluminum industries in the country. BALCO has also announced a reduction in its specialty water consumption by up to 170% from its earlier special water consumption range, which is one of the lowest among its friends. These figures are an affidavit of BALCO’s enthusiastic efforts towards setting and vitality conservation that contribute to a greener and higher planet.

BALCO has been the recipient of various awards and accolades for its environmental protection efforts. For 12 months 2020, BALCO has received ‘CII Vitality Effectiveness Award’, ‘Golden Peacock Sustainability Award’ and ‘CII HSE Excellence Award, Chhattisgarh’.

BALCO has also won the ‘Worldwide Inexperienced Apple Award’, ‘CII Vitality Excellence Award’, ‘Sustainable Enterprise of the 12 Months Award’, ‘Nationalwide Award for Excellence in Vitality Administration’ and ‘Vitality and Surroundings World Surroundings Award’ in recent times. have achieved. .

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